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a human being is never what he is but the self he seeks

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Murmuration of Starlings


Brad Mehldau – Now You Must Climb Alone / Walking The Peak

A Promise


As you are writing
The ink grows less
The sea increases

Giorgos Seferis


What I Do Is Me, For That I Came


Arvo Pärt – Have you thanked God for this failure already?

“What are you doing? What are you writing there?” The girl, who was around ten, asked me. “I’m trying to write music, but it’s not turning out well.”, I said. And then the unexpected words from her: “Have you thanked God for this failure already?”


My Live Life – In Absentia: Invocation & Pastimes


Concert “My Live Life – In Absentia”, Zagreb, May 26th 2017

Track listing:
1. “Introduction”
2. “Invocation” (trad./Stanojkovski Grappone – Kuzmanić)
3. “Pastimes” (trad./Stanojkovski Grappone – Kuzmanić)

Matija Dedić – piano
Minja Kuzmanić – vocal, percussion
Darko Stanojkovski Grappone – percussion
Davor Hrvoj – announcer

Sound recorded by Tomislav Unušić.
Video recorded by Tomislav Bušić and Tomislav Unušić.
Mixed & Mastered by Tomislav Unušić.
Live sound by Neven Zebić.
Lighting by Tomislav Maglečić.

Live at KUC Travno – Zagreb, Croatia, May 26th, 2017

Keith Jarrett, The Bremen Concert 1975, bootleg

David Lang – Cheating, Lying, Stealing



A couple of years ago, I started thinking about how so often when classical composers write a piece of music, they are trying to tell you something that they are proud of and like about themselves. Here’s this big gushing melody, see how emotional I am. Or, here’s this abstract hard-to-figure-out piece, see how complicated I am, see my really big brain. I am more noble, more sensitive, I am so happy. The composer really believes he or she is exemplary in this or that area. It’s interesting, but it’s not very humble. So I thought, What would it be like if composers based pieces on what they thought was wrong with them? Like, here’s a piece that shows you how miserable I am. Or, here’s a piece that shows you what a liar I am, what a cheater I am. I wanted to make a piece that was about something disreputable. It’s a hard line to cross. You have to work against all your training. You are not taught to find the dirty seams in music. You are not taught to be low-down, clumsy, sly and underhanded. In ”cheating, lying, stealing,” although phrased in a comic way, I am trying to look at something dark. There is a swagger, but it is not trustworthy. In fact, the instruction in the score for how to play it says: Ominous funk.

—David Lang

Alfred Schnittke, Choir Concerto



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a human being is never what he is but the self he seeks


a human being is never what he is but the self he seeks

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a human being is never what he is but the self he seeks

six glasses of water

I could afford to be good, kind, generous, loyal and so forth, since I was free of envy. Envy was the one thing I was never a victim of.