Why would a dragon hoard gold?, Jordan Peterson

by Vertebrata


Gustav Dore, Myth of Perseus

                                           Gustav Dore, Myth of Perseus


Why would a dragon hoard gold?

Because the dragon represents everything that you’re afraid of.

What’s embedded in everything you’re afraid of?

Absolutely everything that you need to find.

Run from what you’re afraid of, run from exactly what you need to find.

Dragons hoard gold because the thing you most need is always to be found where you least want to look.

What happens if you go after the dragon?

You get a piece of its central nature, a piece that can defend you against anything, including other dragons.

What if the story is something like this:

You have absolutely everything you need, but you have to use all of it.

If you run away from any of it, in particular the parts of it that frighten you, you don’t get that piece of the dragon; if you miss even one piece, there’s a place where you’re vulnerable. If you make even one mistake, you lessen yourself. If you lessen yourself, you’re going to run away more. Not only that, when someone wants to lean on you, they’re not going to be able to lean on you because you’ll just fall over.

What if it was the case that if we set out consciously to never run away from something that we know we shouldn’t run away from, that everything would be alright?

If your path from point A to B is being blocked by something that you’re afraid of, you better learn to confront it, because if you don’t, it will grow and expand, until it turns into the kind of dragon that occupies your whole house.